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Australia's largest mast manufacturer

Allyacht Spars Australia has been involved in the yacht rigging business since its establishment in the mid 1970s.

Since that time AYS has come to be Austalia's largest yacht mast provider.

Over the years, AYS has evolved to incorporate the latest in ideas and technologies available to the Australian and Asian marine industry.

Tailoring solutions to meet your individual needs

Our sales staff possess an extensive knowledge for both racing and cruising rigs for multihull and monohull yachts alike.

We are able to supply mast and rigging solutions for production builders and also for owner builders.

Each mast is individually engineered using our customised in-house engineering program to ensure each mast will meet its required loads.

Conveniently located in Brisbane's Bayside area

Allyacht Spars Australia is located at Lytton in Brisbane's Bayside area. Primarily focusing on the marine industry sector of aluminium spars for yacht masts.

Whilst the manufacture and supply of aluminium yacht masts is the core of our business, we are able to supply a full range of deck hardware including hatches, portlights, ropes, replacement rigging, industrial rigging and aluminium flagpoles.

Our Services

We are suppliers of quality yacht masts, spars and rigging to the Australian and overseas markets.

We are able to supply complete deck hardware packages including a range of products that AYS is the distributor for in Australia.

Aluminium Spars

  • Custom Masts and Spars
  • Replacement
  • Repair
  • Insurance Claims


  • Running rigging
  • Standing rigging
  • Rig Inspections and Reports

Deck Hardware

  • Deck hardware systems
  • Clutches
  • Blocks
  • Stocking hardware from Andersen, Ronstan, Harken, Lewmar, Wichard and more

International Export

  • Custom Masts and Spars


  • Flagpoles
  • Industrial Rigging

Moonlight Hatches

  • Hatches
  • Spare Parts
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What Our Customers Say

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

Have used All Yacht Spars twice, once for a full rerig and another time for a repair, both times they have been professional, speedy and priced fair. I highly recommend Joel, Chris and the team as they are honest and do a great job. Thank you.


Amanda B.

Contacted their office and was promptly attended to, questions answered and was very happy with their response to emailed pictures and availability here on the Fraser Coast. Have dealt with this company 30 years ago and still find them professional and service orientated. Thank you.


Sunkissed'n Salty.

Just had our Seawind 1160 Camelot, rigging was replaced, with also the headsail furler giving problems. The two young riggers who worked on it were brilliant, we sorted the problems and finally got everything working again . Thankyou for your service and excellent pricing for the job.


Paul and Julie H.


Our mast extrusions are exclusive to AYS, designed in-house, and manufactured in Australia. We have a 21 metre anodising plant which enables production of masts to this length in one piece.

Allyacht masts, spars and rigging are designed using software that has been specifically developed for Allyacht Spars Australia with information provided by boat designers, naval architects and engineers. This, in conjunction with the experience of AYS personnel involved, ensures that rigs are produced with strength, safety, and functionality. Both cruising and racing boats are catered for to meet their particular needs, monohulls and Multihull’s alike.


At Allyacht Spars we offer complete in-house rod rigging services. Rod rigging needs to be thoroughly inspected, especially around highly load points where cracking and failure can occur.

Every 3-4 years a yacht mast should be removed, the rigging disassembled, and all the high load steel parts, pulleys, bolts and other fittings etc. should be checked. A visual inspection can only find so much. A complete service is an essential part of good rig maintenance

Rig Inspections & Services

Does your mast have a program of regular professional maintenance in place?

Are all your halyards, sheaves, winches & blocks working correctly?

In the realm of seafaring, regular inspections are the key to avert potential perils. Yet, how does one keep the mast in pristine condition, free from the grip of imminent dangers?

Be it a racing vessel or a leisurely cruiser, all masts require periodic upkeep. At AYS, we offer a comprehensive maintenance program, ensuring the rig's safety and peak performance.

Our team can conduct a thorough examination of your entire rig, including the standing and running rigging, mast section, spreaders, boom, sheaves, lights and other accessories. For many, these components are prone to various forms of wear and tear, some of which might elude even the most vigilant eye.

Reach out to us today for a detailed written report on the state of your mast.

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Deck Hardware

At All Yacht Spars we are able to supply hardware from leading marine industry brands such as Andersen, Ronstan, Harken, Lewmar, Wichard as well as many other suppliers.

Contact us today for advice on which hardware would be most suitable for your needs.

Yacht Sailing against Sunset

Moonlight Hatches

All Yacht Spars is the Australia distributor for Moonlight Hatches and Easy Marine Products.

Moonlight Hatches utilise tour unique mechanical fastening method. They are available as a flush, low profile or offshore design and are come in a number of sizes to be as flexible to your requirements as possible.

Moonlight Portlights integrate seamlessly into the styling of your boat bringing the outdoors inside. Available in a flush, 91 or 92 series, they are available to fit a variety of spaces and sizes to meet the yachts requirements.

Spare parts are also available.

International Export

With a focus on customising solutions to the requirements of a particular boat or project, and with a Sales Team comprising experienced and well-credentialed sailors, we are able to service a broad range of customers throughout the market.

We have developed ongoing relationship’s with boat-builders, production boat companies and designers which we continue to build on to ensure a long productive mutually befitting partnership. We have established wholesale agents in key locations such as that are able to provide a hands on approach to clients in those area’s.


Along side our primary business we manufacture and supply flagpoles and industrial rigging to commercial, industrial and private customers. We are also able to offer installation services for both of these lines of product.

AYS is the preferred supplier for QLD Ambulance Services and government projects requiring flagpoles.

Allyacht Spars Australia

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